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Since 2018, Thyme & Willow has been my "homegrown" herbal happy place and natural product shop.

I have 40 years of horticulture experience and continue to soak up everything about plants and herbal allies and I'm beyond happy to share this knowledge with others.

I grow some of my herbs and others I buy from trusted sources. The items I have for sale are either handmade by myself or my favorites!  

Natural ways of supplementing mine and my family's health will always be important to me, so if you feel the same, I welcome you to the site and hope I can provide some valuable information along the way! 

I have a working background in pharmacy and a master's degree in nursing- on the verge of stepping into my new role as an Advanced practice/ Nurse practitioner and Holistic wellness coach. This is another aspect of coming full circle with my practice and I'm so grateful for it!

Finding a balance of having fun, being happy,

having calm, quiet moments and discovering healthier ways to live, has been a bit challenging for us in the last few years, but so much has also been learned which makes it easier to appreciate the little things that help make every day special.

Find that time for yourself! Pray, sing, light a candle, some incense, and meditate... whatever brings you joy & be a light for others.

          - Sandi

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