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My Story

Since 2018, Thyme & Willow herbals has been a "home grown" herb and my little "zen" shop. What started out as a hobby over 40+ years ago, has become my passion and I'm beyond happy to have it available to others. I grow many of my herbs and the ones I can't, I find from reputable farms. The items I have for sale are either ones that are handmade, or simply favorites I want to share with others that are like-minded!

I'm a nurse pursuing my masters in Family Nurse Practitioner, a Mom, and a continual student of life! Finding a balance of having fun & being happy, along with calm, quiet moments and looking for healthier ways to live, have taken over (especially in the last few years) in many of our lives, and I love the little things that help make everyday special.

Find that time for yourself! Pray, sing, light a candle, some incense and meditate...what ever brings you joy & be a light for others.

I'm proud to have produced many products that are as helpful to others as they have been for my family. I hope you enjoy!

          - Sandi

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